Development Agency of Serres – ANESER

The Development Agency of Serres was founded in December 1994 under the name “Development Company of Serres S.A.” and distinctive title ANESER S.A., with statutory purposes, among others:

• The active contribution to the development, utilization, management and protection of the plant resources of the Prefecture of Serres

• The technical support and consulting of the local authority organizations, the cooperative organizations of the Prefecture of Serres and their businesses and the other legal entities that constitute or participate

• Carrying out census studies of the natural and other resources of Serres region and the preparation of studies of any kind that contribute to its own development or that of any third party.

In February 2009, the company was transformed into “Development Agency of Serres – Development Societe Anonyme of Local Authorities” with the distinctive title “ANESER S.A.” and the following purposes:

• The scientific and technical support of local authorities and their associations and of the decentralized state administration.

• The promotion of the entrepreneurial, economic and generally sustainable development of the local authorities or the wider region.

• The development of environmental protection activities.

• Its participation in programs or the implementation of relevant policies in an inter-municipal or wider geographical area.